Investlinx has been founded to provide investors with products of higher quality, lower costs and greater simplicity and transparency than the products currently offered by the investment management industry, with the objective to preserve and grow investors’ capital.

We are an experienced team with a wide range of backgrounds and skills in the areas of finance, asset management and economics.

Visit our team page to know more about us.

Read the Founder’s Letter to have a detailed overview of why Investlinx was established and how the company differentiates itself by addressing the inefficiencies of the investment management industry.

Investlinx founder, Mr. Mario Bonaccorso, has more than 20 years of professional experience in the financial service and investment management industry across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Prior to founding Investlinx, Mr. Bonaccorso worked for 15 years at EXOR N.V., serving as Managing Director of Exor Investments and as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of PartnerRe.

Exor N.V., the listed investment company controlled by the Agnelli family, is a shareholder of Investlinx and has invested in both Investlinx ETFs.

Mario Bonaccorso


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Our values mission

We offer efficient investment tools.

In investments, simple is better than complex: we invest in liquid instruments and high quality companies with a long-term approach, we don't follow trends, we don't use derivatives, we don't use leverage.

We keep the costs of our products under control to increase returns for our clients.

We have no performance fees and we move the portfolio little to reduce trading costs.

We are transparent.

The client has full visibility of his portfolio.


Who will the target clients be and what is the plan of action in building a client base?

Investlinx target markets are: retail clients in continental Europe and institutional investors, primarily insurance companies, family offices and pension funds.

Italy will be the first retail market targeted by the Company to distribute its products, with distribution expected to be expanded to other EU markets (primarily France, Germany, Benelux and Switzerland) after 2-3 years of operations.

Italy has been chosen as the initial target market due to its inefficient structure (most Italian banks own captive asset management firms whose products have high fees and a disproportionate high market share within clients’ investment portfolios) and easier access for the Company to Italian distribution platforms due to the existing network of the Company’s founder.

For investors not willing to, or having constraints to, invest in commingled funds (for example institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies), the Company will act as discretionary investment manager in relation to individual portfolios of investments and as an investment advisor.

Insurance companies and pension funds within Europe will be the first clients targeted by the Company for the provision of management of segregated mandates and investment advisory services.


The Investlinx distribution model will rely mainly on the three distribution channels for retail investors:

Direct Distribution

Direct distribution, including through on-line investment platforms (for example on-line fund distributors, on-line trading platforms).

Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs)

Who are attracted to the Company's products by the low level of fees compared to traditional UCITS products and by the high level of simplicity and transparency.

Traditional wealth management platforms

With the marketing of the Company’s product offering targeted at their client base through on-line and traditional advertising, leveraging the investors’ desire to reduce investment management fees in a low-interest investment environment and avoid the potential conflicts of interest within the industry.


One of Investlinx’s innovations is to offer actively managed ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

What are ETFs, benefits and weaknesses? ETFs are mutual funds that are traded on the stock exchange like ordinary stocks. Generally their characteristic is to replicate the trend – and therefore the yield – of equity, bond or commodity indices. The main strengths of ETFs are:

Ease of purchase

Being traded on stock exchanges, it is possible to buy an ETF as with a share, therefore also independently through online investment platforms, eliminating the intermediation costs of the distribution channel (bank or financial advisor) ;

Lower management costs

Than traditional mutual funds, to the benefit of the return for investors;


i.e. greater visibility on the composition of the portfolio, a feature which makes it possible to increase awareness on the part of the investor.

The only weakness is that ETFs usually do not have active management and therefore fail to adapt to different market conditions.

Investlinx’s product innovation lies in offering actively managed ETFs, i.e. instruments that benefit, like mutual funds, from active and professional investment management but with the advantages of an ETF, i.e. lower costs, ease of purchase and transparency.

In addition to actively managed ETFs the company will offer:

• an individual portfolio management service, suitable for an institutional audience that wants greater customization of investments or who have limitations in the purchase of ETFs;

• classic mutual funds whose investment strategy will follow that which will be defined for ETFs.