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Forbes – Where to invest in the second half of 2023, after a record six months for the markets

“Visa and Mastercard, the two leaders of the credit card industry and among the main positions in Investlinx ETF portfolios, benefit from a structural growth trend related to the digitization of payments and are relatively resilient in a recessionary environment given that they are not exposed to the credit risk that remains with the payment card issuer” reveals Matteo Solfanelli, CEO of Investlinx, who adds: “Airbus is another example of a company that we consider interesting in this scenario. The company benefits from the structurally growing demand for tourist flights over the next 5 years, as evidenced by the recent order of 500 aircraft by the Indian airline IndiGo, but it is also diversified and not very exposed to the economic cycle thanks to the presence of long-term orders and to a product portfolio that also includes helicopters, defense and aerospace”

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